Q. Do you hold class if it’s raining?

A. If it is raining we will go inside and work out and utilize indoor training methods. If the weather is dangerous, we may cancel prior to class and notify you via the contact info we have on file.


Q. What’s the dress code for students?

A. Dress code is golf course attire which would include collared shirts for the boys, a collared shirt or shirt with sleeves for girls - and comfortable soft soled shoes.


Q. Can I split a package of classes among my children?

A. Yes, this can be done but will need to be administered by your coach. Contact your coach directly and let them know you would like to share the class packages.


Q. Is it ok if I watch and listen as you teach my child?

A. Of course! I want you to be a great co-coach and echo the message the coach is teaching.


Q. Is it ok if I drop my child off and run some errands?

A. That's fine too!


Q. Do you provide drinks/snacks?

A. Water is always nearby for hydration. We will not typically provide food, although we might have offer a healthy snack on special occasions. We will not provide any sugar-based drinks or snacks.

Q. How do I know if my child should go through the intro class or the advanced class?

A. The player may skip intro class if they can shoot scores of better than double par consistently from an appropriate tee. If they have not played enough to know, then they should start an intro class. If the instructor sees that that they are ready for advanced class, we'll tell you.

Q. My child has a teacher that they see already, is it okay to enter a USKG Academy too?

A. Absolutely! Our instructors teach using ball flight and results. (For example, if the task was to pitch a ball in the air and the student can only roll the ball, we will teach them to hit it in the air) Occasionally, we may say something differently than their teacher or have a different method we prefer but we are all after the same goal. Your child's teacher can contact us anytime in order to be on the same page.